FOCUS Ophthalmic Refraction Unit OS-300


  • Can be added on to existing IDS-300 desks without
    modifying their design or affecting current certification
  • Does not affect the normal use of the
    CV-5000S Computerized Vision Tester, the KB-50S
    console and other accessories
  • Sliding and rotation table top for two instruments
  • Neat and streamlined wire management
  • Smooth and quiet movement
  • Maintains wheelchair accessibility
  • Easy on-site installation
  • Easy to control keypad
  • Dimmable LED head light

The OS-300 Dual Sliding Tabletop allows for the
use of two instruments, such as a slit lamp and
an auto refractometer, on theĀ OS-300 Refraction
Desk / UDR-800 Digital Phoropter Refraction Systems.


Real photos in hongkong opticalĀ centre