YURATEK Ophthalmic Refraction Unit BAHA III


  • Tabletop for 2 instruments
  • Both right and left units are available with table top elevation
  • Combination of two smooth and fast acting movements of table top ( rotation and sliding 355 )
  • Which aporete with electro-magnetic brake to place each instrument in the correct position 
  • Dimming of slitlamp illumination
  • Chair for without armrest
  • Standard trail lens drawer
  • Wide range of color and tissue selection for both unit body and chair cover
  • Head lamp is upper plate aluminum port of the halogen lamp
  • Extruded aluminum with side slots to attach the projector and phoropter arms, both height adjustable head lamp projector support
  • Control panel with an easy access
  • Powered elevation of tabletop (0-6/12v AND 230VAC)

BAHA III  has been designed and developed with the highest level of reliability and functionality, it can accommodate four different instruments on a rotating workplane that utilizes manual rotation and mechanical locking at the desired working position. Workplane height is adjusted electrically. BAHA III is made with the latest materials and is fully customizable for color and accessories. A wide range of chairs is available to complete this fully functional workspace.



YRT-2000 Dimensions as below PDF file.


BAHA 111 Ophthalmic unit Dimensions