NORDSET disposable ophthalmic surgical packs


What you can expect of us!


  • High quality products

We guarantee superior quality for every single product. This is valid for all our processes: Packing, Sealing, Sterilising.



  • Fair working conditions

We are convinced, that content employees work better and therfore produce better packs for you. This pays off for the company, the employees and the customer.


  • High Standards


All medical products are subject to strict monitoring and stringent controls. We regularly test all products, materials and machines on a voluntary basis in order to avoid bacterial exposure and germ contamination. Each product is tested with regard to medical safety and cleanliness.


  • CE Certificates


We certainly are CE certified. You can download our 93/42/EEC and EN ISO 13485 from the web site. We for sure know the strict standards and requirements for all our machines, they are regualry validated, calibrated and maintained.


  • Qualified suppliers


We therefore comply with laws and rules on health and safety. This is not only valid for every single component, but also for our forwarders, who deliver the packs to you. Our maxim is the following: We do not accept any compromises in this important issue!

Single-use surgical packs – Made in Germany




We know what you expect. We manufacture high quality premium packs in Germany. All processing is carried out under the most hygienic conditions. We supply our clients with highest quality at a fair price. We manufacture and sterilise every single drape or pack in Germany. Surgical Packs for Eye Surgery – Made in Germany. We guarantee highest standards and all our products do have the CE mark.

We appreciate fair working conditions for all our employees. For this reason we profit very much from a competent team and their personal responsibility, manufacturing superior and outstanding kits, that our customers are passionate about. This passion drives us forward– that is your benefit!