Horus Digital Fundus Camera_DEC 200


  • 3.5″ Touch screen
  • 7 internal fixation points
  • Auto focus and power focus
  • UVC mode ( Dual-screen)

Horus DEC200 Non-Mydriatic Digital Handheld Fundus Camera offers high image quality with ISO 10940 fulfillment.
5MP (2592*1944 pixels) and 45 degree FOV of fundus image are captured to provide more details.
7 internal fixation targets for macula center, disk center and peripheral image in DEC 200 optical modules.

Horus DEC200 provides both auto-focus and power-focus function to facilitate image capturing.
Touch LCD Screen and Wi-Fi compatibility are also equipped .
With a special slit lamp jig, Hours DEC 200 can be mounted with slit lamp for desktop application.


The Horus DEC-200 Catalogue

MiiS- Horus Scope Plus 5MP eye care total solution-2016 (1)