• Unique clean air system

    CLair, an innovative air puff system that keeps the air pathway clean. As nothing can enter the device, the probability of disease transmission between patients and the eyes is signicantly reduced.

  • Fully automated CCT measurement

    The pachymeter function allows clinicians to receive correct IOP results quickly and accurately. The TNP-200 can be easily programmed to suit the clinician’s preferences. Choose between two correction methods: Dresdner and Elsheikh.

  • APA

    Automatic Pressure Adjustment (APA) system is an intelligent air power matching solution that minimizes the patient’s discomfort and adjusts the examination to their individual needs.


  • Image preview

    The TNP-200 image preview
    of pachymetry results are quickly accessible during the examination.

  • Fast one-click auto-measure

    The TNP-200 is intuitive and effortless to operate, featuring a fully automated alignment system and measurement function. Pupil auto-tracking makes examination performance even easier.

Pulsair Desktop has been designed with the user and patient in mind.

FREY have equipped TNP-200 Tonopachymeter with Automatic Pressure Adjustment (APA) system, to make patients feel even more comfortable with tonopachymetry examination.

APA it is an intelligent and fully automatic system of air power matching.

The first puff of air diagnoses the pressure in the patient’s eye. Then the device analyzes collected parameters and selects the power of subsequent puffs. The next two puffs with intelligently adjusted strenght, continue the measurement.

Thanks to the Automatic Pressure Adjustment, patient’s discomfort is minimized and the examination is adjusted to his individual needs. The TNP-200 with the APA function makes the test even more accurate and reliable.


FREY TN200 brochure

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