MOPTIM® DEA – Dry Eye Analyzer







  • 8 mp high resolution camera
  • Up to 8 mm NIBUT measurement range
  • Comprehensive dry eye assessment
  • Rich report templates
  • Wireless camera shutter can be fixed on the joystick of a slit lamp
  • Auto focus, auto exposure

  • Meibography


Evaluate the meibomian glands with infrared light, the software provides automatic evaluation of loss area.









  • Non-invasive breakup time

Automatically analyze break-up area, first and average break-up time for tear stability evaluation.









  • Interferometry



Record a video of blinking process to observe the surface reflection pattern and dynamics of the tear film.








  • Tear meniscus height

Evaluate tear meniscus height that is observed on the eyelid margins. Up to 5 measurement points can be taken.








Dry eye disease (DED) has become a growing health problem worldwide. 

Millions of people wordwide are suffering from Dry eye,and  this number is invreasing year by year. it is important to recongnize them and make early tratment . left untreated . dry eye would gets worse . it can also develop into other eye conditions like corneal abrasions and ulcers.

The DEA Dry Eye Analyzer by Moptim is an innovative device that performs complete examinations for dry eye with outstanding imaging capability. The compact design makes it easy to be integrated into any practice seamlessly.





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