UNICOS Auto Refractor/Keratometer URK-800A (Advance)


  • Advanced Measurement Technology

The image chips to be specially designed allow REF measuring speed to be faster to get a more accurate and stable measurement data.


  • 8″ Touch and Color Display

User can enjoy more clear images with specially designed image chips and 8 inch color TFT LCD. It serves swiveling and tilting to allow a convenient communication between examiners and examinees.


  • Quick and Automatic Cutting Printer

The printing paper with data is cut automatically with high speed.


  • Easy measurement

User can move new chin rest just by pressing a button and new designed sensors prevent an user from doing wrong opration in advance.


  • Convenient User Menu Setting

The operator may alter set-up easily and faster by an unique design.


Outstanding Features




You can check abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts and scratches of corneas helping you to see how healthy patient’s eyes are. With an enforced REF power, you can check SPH, CYL, and Axis that could not be measured in a normal mode .


-Peripheral Keratomerty
It may measure periphery of cornea both horizontally and vertically from the center of cornea to get curvature and eccentricity value of all points. It may allow the best fitting for contact lenses.