Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope and Streak Retinoscope Set


Professional Ophthalmoscope

Precision Capabilities for the Ophthalmic Professional


Professional Retinoscope


  • Professional ophthalmoscope
  • Professional retinoscope
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries (3.6V Set Only)
  • Spare bulbs
  • Protective case
  • Instructions CD

Professional Ophthalmoscope

Positive action maywheel lens control allows you to select lens powers from +29D to -30D

  • Precision Changes in Dioptre lens power.
  • Step changes from +9D to -10D.

  • Auxiliary wheel for +/-20D step changes.

  • Six diagnostic beams for full diagnostic capability
  • Wide Angle – for general examination.

  • Macula – for more detailed views.

  • Intermediate – providing easier access for non-dilated pupils and in peripheral examination. Ideal for paediatrics.

  • Slit – to determine retinal elevations and depressions. Used to access the anterior chamber depth.

  • Glaucoma – projects a graticule onto the retina to determine the optic cup/disc ratio to aid glaucoma diagnosis.

  • Fixation Cross – projects a graticule onto the retina for assessment of eccentric fixation.

  • Swing over Green, Red Free, Filter
  • Integral Soft Brow Rest

Professional Retinoscope

  • Choice of Brow Rests to accommodate glasses wearers.
  • Patented Neutralisation Check:
  • Allowing rapid confirmation of neutralisation by changing the beam from divergent to convergent.

  • Patented Precision Magnetic Control:
  • 360 degree access to a single rotational and convergence control.

  • Two aperture choices:
  • 4mm to optimise brightness of retinal flex.

  • 1.7mm to optimise resolution of retinal flex.