KEELER Visiometrics – HD Analyzer





REFRACTIVE SURGERY PRACTICE                                                                Increase your practice’s positive surgical outcomes by selecting the right treatment at the right time for the right patients






DRY EYE PRACTICE                                                                                                  Grow your Dry Eye practice by objectively diagnosing poor tear film in asymptomatic patients with the HD AnalyzerTM





CATARACT SURGERY PRACTICE                                                                         Grow your practice by objectively diagnosing cataracts at their earliest stages with the HD AnalyzerTM



Why Use the HD Analyzer?

The top physicians’ key to diagnostic success

Have you ever wondered how top physicians achieve industry-leading results in their cataract, dry eye, and refractive outcomes? Fast, objective decision-making on the front-end of diagnostics leads to optimal surgical outcomes.

Your diagnostic supertool.

20/20 visual acuity does not guarantee vision quality. Only the HD Analyzer measures total optical quality, accounting for light scatter caused by pathologies like early cataracts and tear film instability. Wavefront aberrometers overestimate patient optical quality because they assume clear optics—ignoring scatter.

Differences in the Objective Scatter Index (OSI) for a patient can result in 20/20 vision that remains blurry. Even a flawlessly performed surgery can result in a 20/unhappy outcome if you don’t screen for scatter from the lens and tear film ahead of time. The HD Analyzer is the only diagnostic tool that can pre-diagnose the subtle, forward light scatter that affects surgical outcomes for cataract and refractive patients.

The HD Analyzer is an essential screening tool for most patients.


LASIK and cornea-based candidates
Find perfect LASIK candidates by ensuring patients have clear optics and stable vision. Find early lens changes before they cause 20/unhappy LASIK outcomes. Re-direct to premium RLE procedure when necessary.



Cataract and RLE patients
The HD Analyzer is the most sensitive, objective cataract screening tool. Find cataract and refractive lens exchange patients as soon as scatter in their lens begins to affect their visual function. Ensure cataract and lens exchange surgery outcomes are great by eliminating dry eye disease as a source of visual disturbance.



Dry eye patients
Dry eye disease causes chaos in clinics because signs are not well correlated with symptoms. The HD Analyzer will objectively and non-invasively measure vision fluctuations from unstable tear film even when patients aren’t complaining of dryness or irritation. These asymptomatic patients are often missed and end up unhappy with their vision.



Patients with vision complaints (20/unhappy)

The HD Analyzer helps identify and explain vision concerns for more patients by detecting the earliest lens changes, night vision complaints, and vision fluctuations from dry eye disease.



All new patients
The HD Analyzer helps you see the quality of your patient’s vision and track changes in that quality over a lifetime of vision diseases and therapies.



Simple, clear reports




Advanced Diagnostics

Purkinje Measurement

Purkinje exam is used for the KAMRA® Inlay. It identifies the ocular landmark to guide precise inlay placement pre-op and confirms inlay location post-op. This helps achieved consistent visual outcomes.

Depth of Focus

The exam measures the patient’s depth of focus. Using the point spread function from a light source, the HD analyzer determines the point of best focus for the patient and the range of diopters for which the patient can accommodate while maintaining their vision quality.

Light Condition

Light Condition exam varies the patient’s pupil sizes for different OSI measurements.







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