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Ocular NMR Mainster (Standard) Focal/Grid


Product Code: OMRA-S-2
Image Mag: .96x
Laser Spot Mag: 1.05x
Contact Diameter: 12mm
Lens Height: 31mm
Static FOV: 90°
Dynamic FOV: 121°
Journal Reference: Ophthalmology Times, Vol 15, No 18, Sep 15, 1990; British Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol 74, No 3, pp 177-179, Mar 1990; Archives of Ophthalmology, Vol 106, p 1640, Dec 1988



NMR (no methylcellulose required) version. Designed for focal and grid laser treatment from the posterior pole to the mid-periphery. Excellent for diagnosis and treatment of macular edema, branch retinal vein occlusion, choroidal neovascularization in aging macular degeneration, and presumed ocular histoplasmosis. High resolution, high magnification image allows appreciation of subtle intra-retinal details and retinal thickening. Our advanced Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating offers a brighter and clearer image. See Coatings and Materials for more details.