General Tests

Random Dot 3 LEA Symbols Stereoacuity Test


  • Expanded Random Dot Lea Symbols Test 
  • Critical testing from 160 to 12.5 seconds of arc
  • No monocular clues with NEW technology 
  • New improved booklet 
  • Imprinted images inside booklet for matching
  • Answer Key on back cover 
  • Includes both adult and pediatric polarized viewers

Designed to rapidly test for amblyopia and strabismus in early and non-readers and non-verbal children & adults. Expanded Random Dot 3 with LEA Symbols tests gross disparity at 900, 650, 500 and 400 seconds of arc. Test children at 400, 200, 100 seconds of arc. Graded circle test now down to 12.5 seconds with no monocular clues. New improved booklet has answer key on back cover and includes polarized viewers.