“Focus “Mercantile (HK) Co., Ltd is engaged in supply of Medical and Optical equipment

Supplies for optical shop, medical centers, hospitals and private clinics. We offer the equipment in a wide price range, which helps us to meet the demand of medical institutions at all levels. Our engineers have been accredited at the factory and can provide you a high level of service. We are always open for cooperation and will be glad to see you among our regular customers.

About Us

Our focus is to supply fine-precision equipments, surgical instruments, diagnosis instruments and accessories to hospitals, doctors, universities and laboratories in the ophthalmology, A&E, ICU, GP Medical field. Our excellent after-sales service has established an advantage in win.

Our Team

A team of competent , experienced, well trained and motivated staff are working for you, helping you to realize you projects, providing you with solutions.
As a future-oriented company , a strong team with competence and expertise is the key to success.