Slit Lamp

CSO SL9800 Zeiss Style Digital LED Slit Lamp


  • Available in LED  Light Source
  • Zeiss Style Digital LED Slit Lamp
  • High-performance with a 3 or 5-step magnification changer
  • Integrated yellow filter 
  • Built-in Background Illumination
  • High performance CCD camera.
  • CSO’s Phoenix Software suitable.

The SL9800 is also available in a DIGITAL VISION version, with a digital beam splitter and Phoenix software. The DIGITAL VISION System provides high performance picture and video acquisition, complete with a software package integrated with an examination and patient database. The Digital Vision System designed by CSO is supported by an excellent digital camera with a Sony CCD sensor and a maximum resolution of 1392×1040 pixels. The system is able to acquire and save high-quality pictures and videos (with a duration up to 3 minutes), by using a High Quality Color Correction Algorithm

New digital camera
The new digital camera used in the 9900 digital models have been designed by CSO and the hardware and firmware are optimized for use in Ophthalmology and Optometry.

Its technical features make the 9800 digital slit lamp really unique. It uses a 2MP high performance CCD camera with excellent colour rendering when used in conjunction with the new LED illumination system.

The increase in camera resolution and speed – 50% more than the previous model – allow for superb image quality of even the smallest detail.

The camera integrates perfectly with CSO’s Phoenix Software suitable.

Integrated yellow filter (Wratten filter)
Provide a faster, increased efficiency and more comfortable examination with the SL9800 system for inserting yellow Wratten filters during fluoresceinic tests on Galileian microscopes with 3 and 5x zoom microscopes.