Slit Lamp

CSO Slitlamp SL990/9900 LED


  • Available in LED  Light Source
  • New Digital Camera
    – High Resolution 
    – Smart Capture Function 
    – Still Image with Auto Exposure Function
    – resolution and speed – 50% more than the previous model 
  • Integrated yellow filter (Wratten filter)
  • High performance CCD camera.
  • CSO’s Phoenix Software suitable.

The SL990 Slit Lamp by CSO is at the top of diagnostic instruments market. Now the new SL9900 is available with the innovative LED illumination source, for a very comfortable examination with no heat emitted! The sharp mechanical design, the optical system with a high contrast and brightness, make it a leader in slit lamps all over the world. The column lighting system, that provides the tilt function, make it an unique instrument. Now available in the new digital version, with the new software for video and pictures acquisition from CSO digital camera. Available with 2X, 3X, 5X and Zoom magnifications.

Watch this video to find out more:



Microscope unit  5x
Type Galilean converging binocular
Magnification Drum, 5-step magnification
Magnification steps 6/10/16/25/40
Overal magnification (actual vision field) 6.37 (Ø35.1 mm) 9.94 (Ø22.5 mm) 15.87 (Ø14.1 mm) 25.37 (Ø 8.8 mm) 39.62 (Ø 5.6 mm)
Eyepiece lens magnification 12,5x
Eyepiece lens diopter adjustment range -5D to +5D
Binocular tubes PD adjustment 55 – 78 mm
Illumination unit
Illumination field slit width 0 – 14 mm, can be altered gradually (14mm = circle)
Illumination field slit length 14 – 1 mm, can be altered gradually (14mm = circle)
Illumination field aperture diameter Ø14, 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.2 mm
Slit direction Vertical to horizontal. Can be altered gradually. Inclination 5°/10°/15°/20°. Side swing.
Filter Blue filter, red-free filter, amber filter, UV cut filter (normal use), IR cut filter (normal use) ND filter (13% transmission), exciter filter for slit lamp (fluo type), Barrier filter for slit lamp (fluo type)(Yellow in 3x and 5x microscope)
Halogen illumination source 12V, 30W
LED illumination source 3A, 10W
Base unit
Forward-backward movement 90 mm
Right-left movement 100 mm
Vertical movement 30 mm
Chinrest unit
Vertical movement chinrest 80 mm
Fixation target Fixation target with diopter adjustment Luminious fixation target (LED green)
Power supply 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 110VA