Slit Lamp

MIIS Digital Eye Anterior Lens_DEA 200 with slitlamp camera


  • Precision machined aluminium chassis
  • Advanced optics, 10x & 16x magnification 
  • Controllable illumination from maximum to zero
  • Big Slit Lamp features, portable usability

Excellence in optics, versatility and portability are key benefits of the MIIS DEA200 Slitlamp lens



MIIS designed and manufactured with the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment, the DEA200 is lightweight, durable and robust.

Domiciliary demands; perfect for visiting the elderly and the infirm where dry eye and lid and skin concerns are in commonplace.


Little and large; ideal for the smaller younger patients and those of a more portly demeanour where a conventional Slit Lamp is totally impractical or impossible to use.

As the world leader in Portable slitlamp camera technology we lead the way again with the first digital protable slitlamp camera system. Not old analog video but true digital imaging.

Watch this video to find out more: